Guideline for Thematic Facilitation/Discussion (Updated 30.11.2019)

During the International Workshop on Dignified Menstruation, May 26-28, 2020 at Kathmandu, the `dignified menstruation’ will be in core of all discussion. It is not only present the cases, papers or project etc. It is something special, to examine the entire human right and development discourse from the eyes of dignified menstruation. 

There will be various themes such as Women’s Participation in Peace/Politics, WASH, Health, Education, Gender Based Violence and Human Right, Disaster, Disability, Faith/religion, Engaging Boys/Men, SDGs, Menstrual Products, Waste, Environment and Climate Change, Sexual and Reproductive Health, Youths etc. from policy, practice and research/academia. 


We encourage all facilitators to consider the following process while we think about thematic discussion or facilitation. 

  1. Two facilitators (lead facilitator and co-facilitator) will lead the theme. Encourage to find from different country (self-matched or GSCDM can suggest later). 
  2. Two facilitators will examine the achievements so far, explore gaps, challenges from their experiences (personal, country or region or global) and prepare the presentation 5-7 minutes as well as print the fact sheet. 
  3. Facilitators present as well as distribute the fact sheet with assigned group. 
  4. Facilitators will discuss on this theme (they will define the method as they like, we encourage to use very participatory and reflective mode for discussion).
  5. This group will prepare at least 2-page bullets points in context (bullets or one para with evidences, data), gaps and challenges (bullets or one para) and way forward for at various level such as country level, donors (bullets or para). The gaps and challenges will cover the policy, activism, academia, funding etc. 
  6. The final outcome will present in plenary as well as provide to the moderator. 

(It may slightly change, please keep following us).

  1. We encourage to share the theme through social media.
  2. GSCDM will prepare the list of participants as their interest mentioned in the application form and display.


Tentative Schedule (updated 30.11.2019)


Day 1: May 26, 2020





Registration and Breakfast



Inaugural- 90 minutes 

  • National Anthem-5 m.
  • Lightening-5 m.
  • Welcome +Objectives: Minister: 10 m.
  • Premiere show of short film: 20 m.  
  • Key Note Speeches: 15 +15
  • Presidential Remarks: 10 m
  • Conclude the Dignified menstruation or dignity during menstruation: Moderator: 10





Tea Break 



Thematic Discussion in four places  

    1. Theme: Women’s Participation in Peace/Politics
    2. Theme: Gender Based Violence and Human Right
    3. Theme: Faith/religion
  • Theme: Health including SRHR 

Follow the instructions to find places 





Presentation in Plenary- 4*15=60

Theme- Presentation- 10 m, Comments -5m QA

Follow the instruction to find the rooms 


  • Emotional Intelligence and meditation for Addressing religious/cultural resistance around dignified menstruation (MBBI)

Tea break included

  • Crafting message on dignified menstruation for advocacy


  • Steering committee for next 2 years (2022)

Day 2, May 27, 2020





Recap/warm up: 5 m.

Panel: Menstrual Products, Challenges and way forward: 55 m

  • Thematic Discussion in four rooms 
  • Theme: WASH
    1. Theme: Education + Trainings/Resources materials  
    2. Theme: Disability 
  • Theme: Engaging boys/men 

Tea break included  


Presentation in Plenary- 4*15=60

Theme- Presentation- 10 m, Comments -5 m QA






    1. Theme: Disaster/Humanitarian Setting  
  • Theme: Menstrual Products and Entrepreneurs
  1. Theme: Products and Waste, Environment, Climate Change,
  2. Theme: SDGs (1,2,8)


Presentation in Plenary- 4*15=60

Theme- Presentation- 10 m, Comments -5 m QA



Finalization of Steering Committee 


Day 3, May 28, 2020





MH day celebrations: Different groups organize different activities at and near by hotel with the slogan of `Menstrual Talk, Dignity First’.

Please propose activities as an advance 


Formal Celebration and closing 

  • Address the guests- Ministries, 10. m (10.10)
  • Group Photo Session: 10 m (10.20)
  • Introduction of Steering committee: 15 m (10.35)
  • Overview of the two days activities: moderator: 10 m. (10.45)
  • Presentation of declaration paper -15 m (11.00)
  • Signing of the declaration paper by dignitaries: 10 m (11.15)
  • Remarks: 
    • Representatives’ International guests: 10 m (11.25)
    • Representative of steering committee: 10 m (11.35)
    •  Representatives of Miniseries: 10 m (11.45)
    • Representative of Commission: 10 m (11.55)
    • Chief Guest (international speaker): 15 m (12.10)
    • Vote of thanks: 10 m (12.20)
  • Closing Remarks: Chair (12.30)


12.30- 1.30 Lunch and departures