Sangita Rokaya: Good Will Ambassador: August 2023 onwards

Sangita Rokaya, a daughter of Bhajang district (a mountainous district of West Nepal) who has a dream to climb the 14 peaks (8000 meters high) for appealing UN to endorse the 8th December as Dignified Menstruation Day.  


She was deeply traumatized since childhood when her community oppressed, discriminated, dominated, and underestimated her due to her status as a girl. She was further hurt when her community restricted to climb the mountains, even to see during menstruation, by considering the mountains as pure and a symbol of holy god.  Indeed, she dreamed of climbing Mt. Saipal since childhood. Her anger and frustration escalated when she forced to stay in menstrual hut (called Chhaupadi, a visible form of menstrual discrimination where menstruators have to follow dozens of restrictions as like menstruators in various locations) while she had first menstruation. She inspired from such a situation where almost all are practicing various forms of menstrual discrimination even today not only in her community but also all around the globe.  

Despite all challenges, she has attempted to climb mountains since 2018. Unfortunately, it was a failed attempt. She is industrious and never gives up personality. She learned that the menstrual blood and mountains are created by nature and both are pure. Eventually, she summited Mount Everest, world’s highest peak in May 17, 2023 along with the appeal for dignified menstruation through the banner of Chhaupadi.

She believed that every menstruators deserved dignity no matter where they were. But it is yet to be acknowledged and heard by the global community including the UN. Many are busy for free distribution of menstrual products which does not really dismantle all forms of menstrual discrimination which has been faced by many girls even today, she said. Her mission for 14 peaks is not only climbing the mountains for popularity but also appealing to the global community to stand for dignified menstruation at home, school, community, workplace and everywhere. 



Shrinkhala Khatiwada is an Architect and Miss Nepal World 2018. She believes that each menstruator deserves dignity during menstruation. Stigma, taboos, and restrictions during menstruation are across the globe with differences in forms, severity, and visibility. Globally, it is ignored. Today, after 4 billion years, we need to speak and educate that hygiene is an important element for dignified menstruation but does not guarantee dignity during menstruation. 
She was also Miss World Beauty with a purpose award winner, Nepal France goodwill ambassador, and other engagements on social issues.