Secretariat-Global South Coalition for Dignified Menstruation

Secretariat 2022 onwards

Radha Paudel Ph.D. - Founder/CEO

Radha Paudel, Ph.D., is an author, activist & lifelong rebel, for Dignified Menstruation. She founded a global network `Global South Coalition for Dignified Menstruation’. Despite experiencing so many threats and challenges, including funding, she initiated the International Day of Dignified Menstruation on 8th December, since 2019. She writes books about dignified menstruation in Nepali and English. She has received national and international recognition and awards for her activism and literary work. She is invited as a speaker by Universities, forums, organizations, etc. all around the globe.

Sapna Poudel - Liaison Coordinator

Sapna Poudel is a Liaison Coordinator with extensive experience in the NGO sector. Her expertise lies in the Program Management across many dimensions. She holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA)along with pursuing 2nd Master’s Degree in Gender Studies. She is agile and entrepreneurial in nature. She is consistent in leveraging her experience and academic knowledge to create a humane ecosystem where everyone is respected.

Lal Shrana Chalaune is a distinguished IT expert with a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering in Information Technology from Nepal College of Information Technology, Lalitpur. His rich skill set spans Windows and Linux platforms, excelling in web programming using WordPress, JavaScript, React.js, and Node.js. Proficient in Java (Spring framework, JSP servlet, swing), SQL, MySQL, and SQLite databases, he’s well-versed in NLP tools like NLTK. Lal showcases mastery in various IDE/DEV tools, coupled with design, web content creation, and management expertise. His comprehensive skills establish him as a well-rounded IT professional, poised to excel in diverse domains.

Secretariat 2019-2021


Ms. Mili Adhikari is a dedicated Public Health Practitioner with expertise in reproductive health. Currently a Reproductive Health Specialist at Planned Parenthood, she is passionate about menstrual rights, reproductive justice, gender equity, and preventative care. Through education, activism, and community building, Mili works tirelessly to raise awareness and drive change. As a youth menstruation activist and healthcare worker, she advocates for destigmatizing menstruation, removing restrictions, and ensuring access to affordable and sustainable menstrual products.

Anna Soetomo - Indonesia

Anna Soetomo, from Yogyakarta Indonesia. She is a youth activist with a master’s degree on religion and cross-cultural studies focusing on youth activism and Dignified Menstruation in Indonesia. She host community forums on menstruation, menstrual taboo, stigma, restriction, hygiene management, and infrastructure within the dignified menstruation frame. Currently, She is  working on documenting menstrual experiences through stories from women with different cultural backgrounds in many places in Indonesia.

Esther Kyazikem - Uganda

I’m Esther Kyazikem from Uganda, a passionate librarian dedicated to expanding public library access and empowering youth through funding. Part of Uganda Youth Network and Uganda Community Libraries Association, I lead research, forums, and community education on dignified menstruation, emphasizing dignity. Through Kawempe Youth Central, I engage in health financing, budget advocacy, and training on this topic. My commitment is to raise awareness and promote dignified menstruation education across Uganda and beyond.


I’m Pefi Kingi, a Pacific activist based in Australia, formerly of New Zealand, and born in Niue. My dedication lies in Pacific and women’s development. A secondary school teacher, I’m also an educational advisor, focusing on teacher and school development, and an education review officer. I’ve contributed to family/domestic violence prevention, sexual violence research, suicide prevention, and Pacific migrants’ challenges. I advocate for Dignified Menstruation for Pacific and all women and girls.

Anupa Regmi - Nepal

I’m Anupa Regmi, founder and program coordinator of Radha Paudel Foundation. Armed with a Bachelor’s in Science and Nursing, along with Masters in Child Development, Gender Socialization, Sociology, and Anthropology, I’m a research-focused community organizer in Nepal. My passion lies in mobilizing activists, healthcare workers, educators, and volunteers to combat gender-based violence and biases. I strive to dismantle oppressive structures, promoting dignity for menstruation and addressing inequalities rooted in sex, gender, sexuality, class, and identity.

Laxman Belbase (USA) - Member As Expert

Laxman is a seasoned Gender Justice and Child Rights Activist with 15+ years of expertise in program development, advocacy, monitoring, evaluation, and organizational growth. His commitment to Gender Equality, Child Rights, and social justice spans national, regional, and global levels. A driving force behind transforming masculinities and involving boys and men in gender equity, he co-founded Nepal’s MenEngage Alliance. Presently, Laxman serves as Global Networks Manager at Men Engage Global Alliance, orchestrating impactful change on a global scale.