1. Why is dignity prioritised, rather than hygiene or products?
    Dignity is the holistic concept, approach and strategy. Strategise for Dignity to accompany health, education, sanitation, water supply, empowerment, human rights and environment. When targeting only one dimension, then it does not give attention to the issue of menstruation. It is often acknowledged that one organization cannot cover all required aspects due to resources; therefore, we propose that shoudl "Dignity" be an integral component, then it will unite all dimensions. 
  2. What is "Dignified Menstruation"?
    Dignified Menstruation is at the centre of the dialogue; and it is an approach where all aspects of menstruation will be addressed across all levels and sectors.
  3. What is the "Menstrual Talk, Dignity First"?
    It is one of the best ways to modify the emphasis of the global conversation to dignity. It is also proposed as the slogan so that it can reverberate at a global level.
  4. Will I be eligible to attend the Conference, given that I associate with products/hygiene and other foci?
    Yes, you are eligible. Products and hygiene are still important elements in the holistic strategy; and we encourage that it can contribute towards an integrated promoting "Dignified Menstruation".
  5. Is this Conference for any particular type of participant?
    This Conference is for all individuals/ groups across the globe, who are working or involved in the field - government, civil society, corporate, academia or individual. All are welcome!
  6. What is the eligibility criteria for attending/participating at the Conference?
    Passion and Commitment for dignified menstruation and compliance with the registration/application process, as outlined.
  7. Are there any scholarships available?
    Yes, a limited number of scholarships are available. Priority will be given to demonstrated need from targeted regions/areas.
  8. Are there any opportunities for free entries?
    No; the non-refundable registration fee applies to all Participants.
  9. Are there any volunteer opportunities available?
    Yes; and these will be offered to local participants.
  10. Can I be part of the Conference as a Partner/Sponsor?
    Please send us a brief proposal via the email address noted on the website; and we shall respond and further discuss with you.
  11. Who is hosting/organising the conference?
    As the Founder and Initiator, the Radha Paudel Foundation is the Secretariat of the Conference and advised by a Global Steering Committee. For more information, visit the website.