Radha Paudel, Ph.D., is an author, activist & lifelong rebel, for Dignified Menstruation. She founded a global network `Global South Coalition for Dignified Menstruation’ (]. Despite experiencing so many threats and challenges, including funding, she initiated the International Day of Dignified Menstruation on 8th December, since 2019. She writes books about dignified menstruation in Nepali and English. She has received national and international recognition and awards for her activism and literary work. She is invited as a speaker by Universities, forums, organizations, etc. all around the globe. She calls for dignified menstruation as an innovative and holistic tool for gender equality and to smash the patriarchy.



My name is Anupa Regmi and I am a founder and currently program coordinator of Radha Paudel Foundation. With a bachelors in Science and Nursing, Masters in Child Development and Gender Socialization, and  Masters Degree in Sociology and Anthropology. I am a research oriented community organizer in Nepal working on Dignified Menstruation. My interest are to mobilize activist volunteer, peacemaker, health care workers, educators to end violence against women and men, and girls and boys through dismantling oppressive structural, institutional, and personal biases against sex, gender, sexuality, class, race/caste, and other identities, starting with the right for dignity during menstruation.


LAXMAN BELBASE, Member as Expert

Laxman is a Gender justice & Child Rights Activist with over 15 years of experience in programs development & implementation, advocacy, monitoring & evaluation, activism & organizational development & strategic planning in the field of Gender Equality, Child Rights & social justice at national, regional & global levels. His focus is on transforming masculinities and engaging boys and men in gender equity as one of the founding core group members of the MenEngage Alliance in Nepal. Currently, He is working as a Global Networks Manager at Men Engage Global Alliance.



My name is Anna Soetomo, from Yogyakarta Indonesia. I am a youth activist with a master's degree on religion and cross-cultural studies focusing on youth activism and Dignified Menstruation in Indonesia. I host community forums on menstruation, menstrual taboo, stigma, restriction, hygiene management, and infrastructure within the dignified menstruation frame. Currently, I am working on documenting menstrual experiences through stories from women with different cultural backgrounds in many places in Indonesia.



My name is Esther Kyazikem, from Uganda. I am a passionate librarian by training and profession with a focus on increasing access to public library and funding to mobilize and support youth. As a part of the Uganda Youth Network, and Uganda Community Libraries association, I conduct research, host forums, network, and educate the community on menstrual hygiene management under the dignified menstruation framework, centering dignity. My organization, Kawempe Youth Central, also participates in health financing, budget advocacy, dialogues and trainings on Dignified Menstruation. I am passionate about raising and spreading awareness and education surrounding Dignified Menstruation in Uganda and global.

Shrikhala Khatiwada, Miss Nepal World 2018. 

Shrinkhala Khatiwada is an Architect and Miss Nepal World 2018. She believes that each menstruator deserves dignity during menstruation. Stigma, taboos, and restrictions during menstruation are across the globe with differences in forms, severity, and visibility. Globally, it is ignored. Today, after 4 billion years, we need to speak and educate that hygiene is an important element for dignified menstruation but does not guarantee dignity during menstruation. 
She was also Miss World Beauty with a purpose award winner, Nepal France goodwill ambassador, and other engagements on social issues.

Sangita Rokaya - (Goodwill Ambassador)

Sangita Rokaya, a daughter of Bhajang district who has a dream to climb the 14 peaks of the world higher than 8000 meters, successfully climbed the highest peak of the world Mt. Everest on May 17, 2023, with the mission "A form of Menstrual Discrimination“ (Chhaupadi) Elimination. Born and lived a childhood in the lap of Mt. Saipal, she always gets attracted to and inspired to climb the mountains. With the committed struggle from 2018, she was pushed backward multiple times because of being a woman and menstruating every month. Mountains are worshipped as a god/goddess in Nepal; the reason she was demoralized to climb mountains is because she is considered as impure, weak, and inferior because of her menstruation. With the ambition to advocate on Menstruation Blood is Pure & clean blood and to appeal UN to address Dignified Menstruation Day, she is going to climb the 14 highest peaks in the world (above 8000m). Let’s join hands together to support her advocacy on Dignified Menstruation.


Florencia Sabbatini – English < ˃ Spanish Translator

Florencia is a professional translator and transcriber from Argentina. She studied at Universidad Tecnológica Nacional and graduated as a Technical English Teacher (specialization: Industrial Disciplines). Her university studies continued at Universidad del Museo Social Argentino and she graduated as a Certified Translator after four years.

Florencia has been teaching Technical English since 2013 at different schools, and she has been working as a freelance translator since 2018. The areas in which she specializes are technical, educational, and legal. She is also a member of the Association of Sworn Translators of the City of Buenos Aires.

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My name is Mili Adhikari and I am a Public Health Practitioner with a Bachelors from UC Berkeley, currently working as a Reproductive Health Specialist for Planned Parenthood. My passion is working in Menstruation rights, reproductive justice, gender equity, and preventative care through education, awareness, activism and community building. As a youth menstruation activist, menstruating- woman, and health care worker, I am deeply invested in transforming the menstruation agenda to reflect dignity as its highest priority and thus center each individual's inalienable rights to dignity which will be fulfilled through destigmatization, removal of all menstruation restrictions, affordable and environmentally sustainable products, infrastructure, and body literacy.



My name is Pefi Kingi, and I am a Pacific activist based in Australia; formerly of New Zealand; and born in Niue. I am passionate about Pacific development and women’s development. I am a secondary school teacher by trade; educational advisor for teacher training, teacher development and school development; and lastly, education review officer in compulsory education. I have managed a Pacific mental health service; and directed a national Pacific problem gambling minimisation service. I’ve also given time and energy to Pacific interests family/domestic violence prevention; sexual violence research, suicide prevention, and most recently, Pacific migrants and migration in the Pacific region. I support Dignified Menstruation for all Pacific Women and Girls, and for all Women and Girls