Radha Paudel is an Activist, Author with a focus on Dignified Menstruation, Women in Politics, Peace Building, Gender Based Violence, and Gender Equity. She is a pioneer Menstruation activist based in Nepal. She is the author of Apabitra Ragat (2019), Dignified Menstruation (2018), Shantika Paliaharu (Steps for Peace) (2018), Khalangama Hamala (2013) (best literary award 2014, available in Nepali, English.

LAXMAN BELBASE, Member as Expert

Laxman is a Gender justice & Child Rights Activist with over 15 years of experience in programs development & implementation, advocacy, monitoring & evaluation, activism & organizational development & strategic planning in the field of Gender Equality, Child Rights & social justice at national, regional & global levels. His focus is on transforming masculinities and engaging boys and men in gender equity as one of the founding core group members of the MenEngage Alliance in Nepal. Currently, He is working as a Global Networks Manager at Men Engage Global Alliance.


Ms. Inthumathy Hariharathamotharan, Country Coordinator Sri-Lanka

Ms. Inthu is the Country Coordinator of Sri-Lanka for Global South Coalition for Dignified Menstruation. She has MSc in Development and Communication Extension. She has extensive knowledge and skills in training, research, and advocacy around women's rights, human rights at local, national, regional, and global levels as Head of the program, Vilthu, Sri-Lanka. Contact: [email protected]


Shrikhala Khatiwada, Miss Nepal World 2018. Goodwill Ambassador

Shrinkhala Khatiwada is an Architect and Miss Nepal World 2018. She believes that each menstruator deserves dignity during menstruation. Stigma, taboo, and restrictions during menstruation are across the globe with the difference in forms, severity, and visibility. Globally, it is ignored. Today, after 4 billion years, we need to speak and educate that hygiene is an important element for dignified menstruation but does not guarantee dignity during menstruation. 
She also Miss World Beauty with a purpose award winner, Nepal France goodwill ambassador, and other engagements on social issues.


Marianne Leonafe Pastorpide, Country Coordinator, Philippines

Mafe is a Country Coordinator for the Philippines. She has extensive experience in campaigns at various levels. She is a computer engineer by profession and spent several years in her career doing various roles in IT and Distribution. She finished her post-graduate studies (Master in Development Management) at the Asian Institute of Management in Makati City, Philippines, in 2019.


This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-910x1024.pngJane Bennett, Country Coordinator for Australia

Jane Bennett is an author, educator, and Co-developer of the rite journey Girls program  
with a background in social work, clinical hypnotherapy. She became passionate about the need to transform inherited views of embarrassment and shame around menstruation (and the many knock-on effects) into those that are conducive to menstrual, and general, wellbeing. See for more about Natural Fertility Management. She also worked for Celebration Day for Girls is now available in over 20 countries. See

Swati Vyas, Lead (volunteer) for Fundraising, Evidence Documentation, and Networking

Swati Vyas is a passionate social work and public health professional bringing over 26 years of expertise in reproductive, maternal, new-born, child, adolescent health, communicable diseases such as TB, HIV, STIs, and non-communicable diseases including diabetes and cancer in India and the United Kingdom. A large part of her career has focused on the advancement of a holistic approach, addressing social determinants of health as well as systemic changes required in the health services to achieve the SDGs of reducing health inequalities, gender equality, and good health & wellbeing. Her work spans a broad range of settings comprising community, academic, research, and voluntary sectors. Her academic background includes degrees in Social Work and Public Health and providing leadership on researching, designing, delivering, and managing complex public health programs, developing award winning innovative public health & health promotion delivery models. She holds a reputation for championing equality of access to health, ensuring community participation in public health programs at the center of all her work.