The consequences of discrimination

The consequences of discrimination against menstruation, the negative social value assigned to menstruation and menstruating people is not limited to when an individual begins to menstruate and when they enter menopause, stop bleeding.
Rather, it is a never ending cycle that begins with birth, experienced through its impact on gender roles due to menstruating feature, observed through discriminating practices in play through family or friends in prepubescent period, then experienced personally during menstruation period ( majority of life), changed in their perimenopausal period and then finally in menopausal period until death.
At every stage of the cycle, there is discrimination, stigma, taboo, and harmful practices which result in negative social, physical, mental, and emotional state of every menstruating individual which impacts their everyday life and their ability live full and fulfilled lives.
Menstruation is not a byproduct of life, it is the center, the beginning and the ending which unless seriously and critically mitigated to eliminate discrimination, center dignity, conduct intensive research on and learn of, will continue to adversely impact every individual, globally.