Religion & Culture

“This is tradition” “This is our sanskar” “This just IS” Thousands of multiple versions of these sayings are used as justification for menstrual restrictions in every corner of this globe. Blatant oppressive tactics are hidden behind culture and religion and used as a proxy to continue to discriminate and oppressed individuals who menstruate. This is used by all players in society: outsiders ( individuals who do not menstruate), the menstruating individuals themselves, and society in large to justify the maintenance of this inequitable structure. Using this fear-based psychological tactic, it is easy for individuals who bleed to internalize discriminatory values around menstruation such as impurity of menstrual blood so that they police themselves and others in the process of “ upholding culture”; as well as easy for individuals who do not menstruate to police and regulate individuals who bleed in order to ensure that they are following restrictions so that the culture is upheld by every single individual no matter the detrimental physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual cost to individuals who bleed. However, dignity during menstruation is an inalienable birthright that every single HUMAN BEING deserves regardless of their birthplace. Our religion is OURS to change, Our Culture is OURS to change to one that is equal, to one that does NOT discriminate against menstruation.