Missing the Menstruation amidst COVID-19


The entire world was celebrating the New Year eve (December 31, 2019) but China officially informed to World Health Organization (WHO) about the unknown illness that later known as Corona Virus or COVID-19. The novel Corona virus labelled as pandemic by WHO in March 11, 2020 [1]. The impact of pandemic different to men and women and even more deeply and widely affected in the areas where countries are under conflict or post conflict or traditional [2]. In this response the variety of professional are working so hard around the clock where the 70% workforce (among 104 countries) represented by the women workers as a doctors, nurses, social workers, kitchen workers, security personnel and so on [3]. Each crisis situation intensifies the gender inequality and the COVID-19 further intensifies the affect against girls, women and menstruations [4]. This is supported by the idea of women are missing [5]. for details click here