Dignified Menstruation is in Africa

African community is not exceptional regarding the stigma, taboos, restrictions during menstruation. They have varieties of restrictions related with touch, eat, mobility and participation. These are the forms of violation of human rights to live with dignity and respect.  However, most of the activities are focused on sanitary products such as distribution of pads, making of pads, building toilets. Few initiatives or activities have been undertaken regarding imparting knowledge about menstruation to the school children and teachers. All these are aiding to live the life of young girls and women more safely, however, still menstruating group in Africa undergoes constant turmoil of discrimination and restrictions which comes with menstruation. Though, there is no enough evidence, it is concluded that increment of gender violence and other difficulties among menstrurators ensures lack of dignity surrounding menstruation due to pandemic COVID-19. There still exist significant gaps where people openly discuss about menstruation amongst each other without getting hesitant and menstruating people are restrained to perform their basic. 

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