The Dignified Menstruation movement 

The Dignified Menstruation movement is not limited to individuals who identify as Women and Girls who menstruate but to ALL individuals who menstruate regardless of their gender identity.

Approximately 26% of the globe is actively menstruating and of “reproductive age”, while an underestimate of 10% of the globe is actively identifying as LGBTQ+.(UNICEF). Thus, without the inclusion of LGBTQ_ individuals rights and dignity, it is impossible to achieve dignified menstruation for all.

LGBTQ+ individuals are another sub-marginalized community within the menstruating community due to their intersectionality of gender identity and sexuality. LGBTQ+ individuals are discriminated in private, public, and through the institution; increasing their risk of physical, emotional, and mental violence. Transgender individuals are further marginalized due to their gender non-conforming identified which can often conflict with their ability to menstruate or not.

It is vital for the menstruation movement to be inclusive in various ways like:
A) In their use of language:
“Individuals who menstruate” vs Women and Girls; “Pregnant people” vs pregnant women
“ Reproductive rights and justice” vs Women’s rights
B) Inclusion of trans women and men and non-gender binary folks in menstrual studies, discussions, and open forum
C) sectors of the movement should be led by LGBTQ+ individuals.
D) Special considerations for extra protection of LGBTQ+ rights in the dignified menstruation and overall reproductive justice framework.