Global Solution For Dignified Menstruation

Within the vulnerable population of menstruating individuals impacted by discrimination against menstruation, individuals who menstruate and have a physical, mental, or emotional disabilities are further marginalized and susceptible to extreme adverse consequences of discrimination compared to able-bodied individuals due to social stigma, shame, oppressive policies, legislation, and general discrimination against disability.
It is essential to prioritize the needs of sub-marginalized groups within the vulnerable population of individuals who menstruate as their intersectionality of identities further puts individuals at risk of oppression and discriminatory behaviors. Individuals with disabilities may have physical, or mental difficulties to obtain or use menstrual products, voice their needs during menstruation and lack of bodily autonomy which is aggravated by social discrimination against menstruation and its implications.
It is critical to advocate for, and be an ally to individuals with disabilities and fight for their right to dignity during menstruation; there can be no success without the complete liberation of ALL bodies.