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World Social Forum-2024: DIGNIFIED MENSTRUATION (Declaration)
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World Social Forum-2024

DIGNIFIED MENSTRUATION: Decolonized the Menstrual Movement and Reimagining Feminism

February 16, 2024

Kathmandu, Nepal Law Campus

Statement S018 (intention #58) – Proposed in activity #18

Title: Dignified Menstruation: Decolonized The Menstrual Movement And Reimagining Feminism

Dignified Menstruation is a human rights concern. At the present condition, there is an urgency to have a dialogue on Dignified Menstruation to prevent all kinds of Gender-Based Violence.

Announcer:Global South Coalition for Dignified Menstruation / Radha Paudel Foundation

Editor: Lals Chalaune 

Activity Link: Dignified Menstruation 

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Menstruation is an inevitable biological phenomenon that experienced by more than half of the population of this planet. Simply, menstrual blood activate the circle of human life. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights states “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights”. Apart from this Universal Declaration, menstruators[1] faced discrimination from womb (Sex selective abortion) to tomb (rituals perform after the death). Menstrual Discrimination refers to the stigma, taboos, shyness, restrictions, and abuses associated with menstruation throughout the lifecycle of menstruators. This is the indicator of a deeply unequal power relations that legitimize the discrimination and exclusion of women in patriarchal value systems, denying the basic freedoms revealed the deeply rooted discrimination against the menstruators in all diversities. Dignified Menstruation is for the reconstruction of the power that constructed and shape since childhood. Dignified Menstruation movement proposed a foundational agenda based on Human Rights, Gender Equality and Social Justice reinforced by the lived experience of the menstruates in all diversities. Thus, we commit to form “A re-generative society, where both menstruators and non-menstruators can live their life with Dignity”.

The Global South Coalition for Dignified Menstruation/Radha Paudel Foundation under the theme of “Gender, Sexuality and Identities and Gender-Based Violence” led the Hybrid Session on “Dignified Menstruation: Decolonized the Menstrual Movement and Reimagining Feminism” on February 16, 2024. The discussion focused on the discriminatory practices associated with menstruations, menopause and its systematic & symptomatic impact through the life cycle of the menstruators in all diverse settings. Here, we call all the menstruators and non-menstruators[2] in all diversities to collectively:

  • Redefine the narrative on menstruation, from aid to human rights, hygiene to dignity, impure to pure, dirty to clean, from five days of bleeding to life cycle approach.
  • Reform the GESI or Gender Equality and Social Inclusion Policy, as none of the GESI policies integrate menstruation, menopause and its systematic and symptomatic impact on the life of the menstruators.
  • Stich together to challenge the Power and Patriarchy that construct unequal power relations and reinforce menstrual discrimination since childhood.
  • Abolished the caste discrimination that is embedded with the religion and culture correspond to menstrual discrimination by incorporating the dialogue on Dignified Menstruation.
  • Integrate menstrual dignity as foundation to address the stigma and violence associated with Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights.
  • Dialogue on Dignified Menstruation, to achieve Sustainable Development Goals as of 11 SDGs are directly linked with menstrual discrimination and 2 goals are indirectly linked with it.
  • Transference from menstrual management, period poverty, menstrual health to menstrual dignity from the lens of human rights. Menstrual Dignity is an optimum and holistic approach that creates another world where all forms of people, especially marginalized individuals and communities will lead.
  • Recognize and fight for Menstrual Discrimination that has symptomatic relation with the Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) for priotizing the needs of menstruators during pandemic.
  • Talk with 3Ps Approach (Person, Planet and Pocket) which talking about menstrual products to address Climate Justice.
  • Make a current democracy inclusive by considering menstrual discrimination as a barrier for inclusive democracy to build the movement and the demand for ensuring dignity in menstruation.
  • Reform/develop and implement the progressive legislation and policy frameworks at national, regional and international levels to end the stigma, discrimination and abuse of menstruators in all diversity in public and private settings. Allot required resources to ensure the implementation of and accountability for the institutionalization of this framework align with national and global commitment to human rights, gender equality, and social justice.

[1] Those who are born with uterus and ovaries

[2] Those who are born without a uterus and ovaries