the Urgency of Dignified Menstruation at the Era of 2030 agenda in Nepal and beyond, FH, Austria - Global South Coalition For Dignified Menstruation : 8th December
Urgency of Dignified Menstruation at the Era of 2030 agenda in Nepal and beyond, FH, Austria
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A three hours virtual class on `Dignified Menstruation at the Era of 2030 in Nepal and beyond’ was done at FH, Salzburg University of Applied Sciences,  Austria dated on 18.04.2020. Total 48 students were there. They also shared the menstrual perceptions from Austria during breakout sessions. The following questions they discussed: 

  1. When (at what age) did you learn or hear the word  of menstruation ?
  2. How did you know ? Where did you know?
  3. What was your first feeling when you learned/heard about menstruation ?
  4. Do you observe/hear any restrictions during menstruation?
  5. Do you discuss about it with your mother, sister, father, colleagues or anyone who is next to you?

In summary, they knew about menstruation in between the age of 10-15 years once they have the menstruation  and often from educational materials. In general, it is matter of shocked, surprised and disgusting because of parents do not have open discussion about it. Menstruation consider as private. It discuss with friends at first than with mothers once they have bleeding. There was very superficial discussion, mother gave the book to read about menstruation instead of explanation. Few participants called mensuration with nick names like hatched eggs. When men aware about menstruation they simply remain quiet and often said that you were angry due to menstruation (unfriendly comment).  The young girls do not have money and unable to have access with quality menstrual products too.  Menstruation is still huge stigma, we just take for granted. So many things to do though it is not like severe as like in Nepal and other developing countries.