the Symbol: Dignified Menstruation - Global South Coalition For Dignified Menstruation : 8th December
Symbol: Dignified Menstruation
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GSCDM proudly shared the symbol for dignity during menstruation with global community. It has developed by Artist/Illustration Mr. Suman Maharjan in close consultation with Radha Paudel. The shape of it is taken from emoji for blood. The splash dark, red, pink and yellowish represents the color of the blood during menstruation. The lines indicate for the global community regardless of class, caste, gender, sex, or anything because dignified menstruation is everyone’s business and significance to everyone. More importantly, this symbol urges symbolically to all menstruation to love, respect to themselves and also call for togetherness. It sounds bit abstract though the reality because this universe is exist due to the presence of menstruation. We encourage to all visitors, partners, friends and everyone to use this symbol.