the Global South Coalition For Dignified Menstruation :: Conference May 28th 2020
Call for Organizations/Individuals to Amplify the 2020 Campaign of Dignified Menstruation
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Therefore, GSCDM is looking for a passionate organizations and individuals to lead the campaign around the dignified menstruation at the state/province and country level voluntarily. The criteria for organization/individuals are:

  • Lead the campaign on dignified menstruation provincial/country according to the context but have to organize at least an event physical or digital or any kinds of activity/month spontaneously e.g. social media.
  • Explore the funds/networks for research, publication, training and advocacy at regional level.
  • Accountable with GSCDM for planning, reporting and networking. More importantly flexible to accommodate time.

For details, here is the link:

Call for OrganizationsIndividuals to Amplify the 2020 Campaign of Dignified Menstruation