Steering Committee 2020-2022

Global South Coalition for Dignified Menstruation (GSCDM) will have steering committee for next two years, 2020-2022 at the secretariat office, Radha Paudel Foundation, Kathmandu, Nepal. The steering committee expected to represent the gender and sexual identity, activist, NGO, researcher, donor with balance of global north and south. 

If you and your organization or network, would like to be there, please go through this. 

The responsibilities of the Steering Committee 

  1. Stay touch with secretariat office for communication, collaboration and operation of the GSCDM 
  2. Finalize the strategy of the GSCDM and plan accordingly 
  3. Expand the membership, network, funding and create the synergy among the members
  4. Update members through webinar or any means.
  5. Conduct training, researches on dignified menstruation at regional and global levels 
  6. Prepare the training and advocacy materials
  7. Prepare the next conference in global south in 2022 

The Process for forming Steering committee 2020   

  1. By this info, we encourage to share their CV, letter of interest who is interested while applying or separate email with the subject title ` Steering Committee 2020-2022' 
  2. The name list will circular in emails, website and requested to vote or will adopt other method to elect the person
  3. May 27, 2020, will elect or confirm the members for steering committee
  4. May 28, 2020 after the formal closing of workshop, there will be meeting of both old and new members and handover the authority.